Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Dead Town 1.0.1

The most dangerous chemical weapons stored at a secret military base outside the city. But the accident has caused its leakage. Chemicals put in the drinking water and turned the population into the walking dead. The city was closed. Nothing could get in or out. You are a soldier in one of the units, constantly watching over the city. A week after the closing of the city to be quarantined during a routine patrol over the city helicopter crashed ... 
- futuristic story based game
- Zombie Horde
- Exploring the city
- no shopping
- Cute and realistic graphics
- Ragdoll effects
- tense atmosphere
- Intuitive controls

In the new version:
- Improved user interface
- Added tutorial
- Fixed minor bugs
- And more ...

Requires firmware above 6.0
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Language: English

Download Links: IPA LINK