Sunday, 25 August 2013

iTalk Smurf 1.1 Ipa Download | iphone Ipad

Ever wish you could have a Smurf in your pocket? iTalk Smurf let's you keep Clumsy right at hand so that you can always Smurf things up…. He also repeats everything you say.

You can poke and tickle Clumsy and watch the hilarity that ensues. Soon you'll be saying Smurf, smurf, smurfing smurf. Play around and find the hidden moves that Clumsy can do.

"Oh, I sound smurftastic!" - Clumsy Smurf

"I think it's a smurfing good time." - Papa Smurf

"A smurfyingly great app." - Smurfette

"Smurf..." - Lazy Smurf

"Positively, absolutely, outstandingly smurfy." - Brainy Smurf

-Talk to Clumsy – see what he has to say.
- Poke, tickle and discover all the funny animations and sounds Clumsy will do and make (sneeze, laugh, groan, and more)

You'll be speaking smurf in no time!

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What's New
An update to allow sending smurfy videos via WhatsApp is in the works! Look for that update soon!

In this version we took the smurfiness to the max.. like crazy amounts of smurfiness all packed into an app.

We also fixed a bug (Gargamel must have put it there) with saving videos that was affecting some users.

If you were experiencing the video saving bug and this update fixed the problem for you we'd really appreciate it if you'd update your review to let people know.

If you are still seeing any issues please let us know at

Thanks! And have fun smurfing!

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