Friday, 23 August 2013

Clone Camera Pro for iPad 2.0.4 IPA Download | Iphone Ipad

iPad Screenshot 3
Do you want to produce interesting photos where several of me appear?
Clone Camera enables you to produce easy and perfect clone photo on your iPhone.

No need to choose frame layout just take one by one as you imagined.
The quality of the results of Clone Camera overwhelm other app’s outcome.

1. You can make mind blowing photos without frames.
2. Enhanced self-timer function.
3. Apply tones of sophisticated filters.
4. Share to SNS at once.
5. Showing result image instantly while masking images.
6. Start-up guide helps you to make your first multiplicity photo.
7. Support full resolution images.
8. Save and load the working copies.

1. Take photos as much as you want.
2. Select photos to combine up to 8.
3. Mark on the part you want to synthesize by drawing with your finger.
4. And Press 'Preview' button to check result image instantly.
5. You can also choose FX filters or share it via SNS.

What's New
Removed notification message.

About 2.0

1. Upgraded to revolutionary UI.
2. Changing photo sequence is Available.
3. Added Advanced option (Auto fitting and Edge blurring).
4. Showing result image instantly while masking images.
5. Compose up to 6 photos (for iPad up to 8 photos!)
6. Easy to share.
7. Extremely increased composing speed.
8. Save and load the working copies.

Download Links: IPA LINK