Thursday, 11 July 2013

Siegecraft TD v1.0.2 IPA Download | Iphone Ipad

Siegecraft TD - this is a strategy game sequel to number 1 on the iPhone and the number one game on the iPad!
Create your own defense and protect the castle from the evil knights-Men lizards!
This Siegecraft, who were so eager to see many of you!
After almost 2 years of peace since the great wars Siegecraft People-lizards who used to live reclusive, rebelled against the Knights Freeman. What is the cause of this rebellion? Where are your allies - the Vikings and Samurai Freeman? Find out the answers to these and other questions in SIEGECRAFT TD!
- classic gameplay TD in a beautiful world Siegecraft
- more than 1 million people enjoy the peace Siegecraft to date
- at the same time dozens of enemies on the screen, all of which are displayed in a stunning 3D
- the shadow of the real time and pixel shaders in order to enable you to enjoy the spectacle
- 15 unique towers
- 18 unique units
- more than 30 levels
- more than 10 hours of gameplay in the campaign
- an infinite number of cards in single-user mode for endless gameplay
- for a fun multiplayer battle against your Friends
- multiplayer games to the global ranking, to prove that you - Master Strategies

Download Links: IPA LINK