Monday, 15 July 2013

Edge of Twilight – Athyr Above 1.6 IPA Download | Iphone IPAd

It's not just a game, it's a whole world of steampunk.
If you could rule over the day and night, what would you do?
world was divided into two parts, and only Lex has authority over the Worlds, Night and Day. In this apocalyptic world, people are on their territory. People daylight world, are constantly in sunlight and look for Lex, the only one who can make things right. Maybe it was his destiny, but maybe not ...... it all depends on you ... 

☯ ☀ ☀
- Dynamic combat system: flexible enough for new fans of action games, but quite difficult to puzzle even the most avid gamers.
- Customizable skills : You decide how to develop the skills of Lex. Save up skill points and spend it as you like, pumping those skills that are important to you.
- Two separate worlds: Switch between the World and the World Day of the Night. Strategic choice as to when and in what world be help you solve puzzles and destroy the enemy.
- The two main characters in one:
☀ Lex day: a strong, capable destroy enemies.
☯ Lex night: clever, magical, fast, cunning. Defraud to outwit the enemy intelligence and dexterity.
RPG elements:
- Collect the ether from fallen enemies. Use broadcast to raise the level of their abilities. What are the abilities you choose to focus depends on you.

In the new version:
- Added D-Pad
- a high-quality video
- Fixed bugs

Requires firmware above 5.0
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese

Download LInks: IPA LINK